Wednesday, September 6, 2017

YAY FOR FALL!!  I'm SO EXCITED!  I'm ready for boots and sweaters, for apple cider and pum'kins;  for hay rides and nights at the corn field maze.  This is my absolute favorite time of year!  Still warm in the day but cool in the evening. 

I've already started my Christmas Shopping too!  Yes........I know........slow's not even October yet!  I am on a mission though!  A mission to have all my shopping DONE before Nov 1st.  No black Friday craziness for this gal.  I'm going to stay home, in my jammies, eating left over turkey and pie, and more than likely working on a holiday jigsaw puzzle-- because that's the type of nerd I am.  *smirk*

My second bear show of the year is happening this weekend!  I've got 7 orphan teddies who will be looking for a new home!   They won't allow us to let you look early but here's a sneak peek at my preview bear, *Paisley*.

Show starts Friday morning at 11am Eastern time.  That means all my west coast gals will need to get up early, get that coffee in you, and get the URL pulled up and ready!  You can use this link in case you aren't a subscriber to my private list.  

Next up is the holiday show which is in November!  Ive already started on the Christmas wonder I'm in the holiday spirit already! I can't wait!   Here is a link to the show!  Also don't forget to  Subscribe to my private announcement list. to be the first to get announcements regarding new bears, upcoming shows, and silly nonsense going on in my world!

Have a fantastic week and be sure to email me if you have any questions!

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